Questions regarding report server


I have questions in regards to the report server capabilities that were released with 1.0.11. Basically, can the reports be displayed automtically when a Jenkins run is completed?
So here is our workflow:

  1. Product X 2020 Selenium tests run (kicked from Jenkins to a server running Webtestit.
  2. Test run completed.
  3. Tests pass or fail.
  4. We already have a report server set up.
  5. Test results pushed automatically after test completion to test server (will this work)
  6. Also lets say we have multiple day reports with multiple tests… Are test runs broken down by day and by name of test run?


Hey @micheleaz,

hope you, your family and friends are doing well in these times. With regards to your question, yes absolutely the report servers intention is exactly what you’ve described there.

The idea is that you now can kick off a CLI run with additional parameters, which will after its execution automatically report to your Report Server. Something along the lines like:

webtestit run --report-server-host "hostIPAdress" --report-server-username "USERNAME" --report-server-password "password" .

We’ve created an HowTo article explaining how to Dockerize a Webtestit CLI run, and while this is perhaps overkill for your tasks, the ending section Starting the Execution explains the CLI command executed to report to the ReportServer + includes a small video of the whole process.

With regards to multiple tests per day, as you can see from the sample the filename contains a name plus a timestamp down to seconds. So you should be absolutely fine with multiple test runs per day.