Ranorex Selocity - IFrame Support Issue - Can not capture Iframe



Selocity is not able to capture the iframe within the Credit Card number field on the checkout page on the Ranorex website. Video demonstrating of this issue below:

Please advice. Thank you.


hi @maleeshpiyaratne!
This is a very interesting situation you stumbled upon here. It seems like, on this particular web page, there are some ambiguous iframe that caused this. So, if you would like to locate that particular iframe, you can just move up in the dev tools DOM tree. We had a short discussion about this and we will look into this kind of edge cases, and provide the user with an error description if the iframe or some elements could not be located, like on that page you showed us.

Also we noted, that you might not clicked the evaluation button in the playground when inspecting the selector, so that might be the reason why the extension did not locate the inspected element.


Thanks @maleeshpiyaratne for your feedback.

I’d also like to mention that we’re also tracking issues for Selocity over at our Github Repo.