Ranorex Webtestit User and Project Settings


Have you ever wondered about the user settings, the options that are available in Ranorex Webtestit and how to access them? Here is a short article about the global user settings and how to use them.

You can access the user settings from the main menu. Go to Main menu -> Preferences -> User settings, and you will notice the user settings are displayed in the code editor.

Now you can see the current state of user settings for your account. In case you need more information for some options, simply hover over a specific parameter and read the description from the tooltip.

If you want to check out the rest of the available options, that are not yet configured, our auto-complete feature will help you to do so. Hit the ctrl / cmd + space key, and choose from the available options in the auto-complete list.

The user settings file (settings.json) is also available in your .rxse folder.
The location of the .rxse folder in different Operating Systems are:

  • Mac: Users/[username]/.rxse
  • Windows: c:\users[username].rxse
  • Linux: ~/.rxse

If you ever find yourself “messing up” the settings and you just want to get back to the default ones, deleting the settings.json file will do just that, and a new configuration file will be created.

Ranorex Webtestit Project settings

Project settings contain all the information regarding your default project settings like project name, root package, application version that the project was made with, as well as some additional settings like Jira and TestRail integration. Project settings can be accessed via the _Main menu -> Preferences -> Project settings _. You will notice the project settings (webtestit.json) file being opened in the code editor.

Hovering over a parameter and using autocomplete option apply here in the same way as they do in the above-described user settings.
Webtestit.json file can also be accessed from outside the application, and it is located in the root folder of your project. Any changes made outside the application are immediately recognized thanks to our file watcher, and you will be notified with a dialog allowing you to save your version or accept the changes made outside the application.


And if it happens that you accidentally delete the Project settings file, we got you covered! You can restore your lost settings in just one click!


In this article, you have learned about global User settings and Project settings, how to access and modify them, and what to do if you want to get the default settings back. You may also find the article about restoring the default panel layout useful.

Release notes v0.21.0