Re-run failed test with parameters



I am using the data driven approach and most of my test methods are executed with parameters from a dataprovider. In some cases just one or a limited number of runs fail. When using “Re-run only failed tests” the test methods getting executed again for all parameter sets from dataprovider:

Maybe its not possible but it would make digging into the error much easier/faster if i could re-run the failed test with its actual parameters. Otherwise I need to run all iterations again or reduce the data in the dataprovider to get things faster.


Hi @HRA,

thats actually a pretty cool idea and yes that would indeed speed up maintenance and debugging. Essentially what would have to happen in this case is that the test is re-run but this time the provider is limited to exactly one set of data inputs. I’m not sure this can be handled easily without modifying the actual DataProvider but we’ll take a look at how this could be done with our Java Databinding sample.

Thanks again for the valuable feedback