Reasons for "No further actions available" in a test report


Ranorex Webtestit reports offer the possibility to jump to the test case’s code, or to run the test case in Diagnostic Mode, directly from the report for failed test cases:


However, in a few cases the report can not find a corresponding section in your code and therefore does not show you these actions, but an error message like this (which may have led you to this article):


Here are a few reasons, why the test case can not be found:

The testcase was renamed in or removed from the code
If this is the case, Ranorex Webtestit does not know to which code line to jump to and, for that matter, neither which test to run in diagnostic mode.

The “testcase” is actually a setup or teardown method
When an error happens before or after the actual execution of a test, the error is displayed as a failure in our reports. However, as it is not a test case by itself, the report does not offer the usual actions. A typical cause for setup/teardown errors could be the initiation/disposal of the webdriver for the current endpoint.

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