Release notes v0.11.0


New release of Webtestit is out!
In this release we improved existing features, and added new ones that are listed below.
As always, the whole Webtestit team is looking forward to your feedback.

Since the project templates have changed, please make sure to restore templates (File --> Restore templates) which will copy them over to your global user folder


  • The User has the option to set the number of reports stored in the reports folder. Default number of reports is 10 and it can be modified by configuring it in webtestit.json file. Setting the value of “0” means that no reports are going to be deleted. Reports are ordered chronologically. When the number of reports exceeds the configured one, the oldest reports are deleted first.
    Open the webtestit.json file and set the desired number of stored reports, for example 5, like on line 61:


  • A log file, containing information about the project setup and other previously elusive information from the App Loader’s details panel, is created and it is stored in the .rxse folder. In case of a setup error, this log file could help you and us to find and fix issues.


  • Code editor improvements - the workflow for adding new test stubs and new Page Object actions has been unified:
    You can now add new actions to PO files, and new tests to test files, with a keyboard shortcut, via the context menu, via the command bar, or with an auto-completable snippet.
    New test stub names also no longer conflict with existing test names.
    To make full use of this feature, please refresh our templates (File -> Templates -> Restore templates on Windows/Linux, Ranorex Webtestit -> Templates -> Restore templates on Mac)

  • Added additional shortcuts for project/file/reports creation and execution

  • Added “New test file” button to the Execution panel.
    When no test file is created in the project, the “New test file” button appears. This makes the process more intuitive and helps the user to create their projects easier.

  • Improved Get started panel

  • Some UI improvements

Breaking change:

  • Typescript project reports – if your typescript project was created with v0.10.0 or lower, reports will include only one (the last) selected endpoint. To fix this, user has to manually update the protractor.conf.js file like on the picture below (line 20, the savePath property):

  • Selenium Grid endpoints’ capabilities property used to be stored as stringified JSON, but we have changed this to plain JSON for simplicity in manual editing and readability

Fixed issues:

  • The “installing node.js link” in the application is updated and is now pointing to the right how-to article.
  • OS support - Webtestit now supports all windows 10 builds, Windows 8.1, Windows 7!
  • Fixed TypeScript projects reports

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

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