Release notes v0.12.0


New release of Webtestit is out!
We introduced several new features and improvements listed below.
As always, the whole Webtestit team is looking forward to your feedback!

Since the project templates have changed, please make sure to restore templates (File -->
Restore templates) which will copy them over to your global user folder.


  • Survey slider on the welcome screen!
    We added a survey link to the welcome screen. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and provide us with your valuable opinions, informations and suggestions regarding Webtestit. This information is used to help us meet the requirements and expectations of our users and improve the overall user experience! We encourage you to take a survey and contribute to making our software even better.

  • Send feedback option
    You will notice the feedback icon 24 in the bottom-right corner of the application.

    Clicking on it will open the send feedback dialog. The user has the option to send feedback, report a bug or make a suggestion. We encourage you to do so, as this helps other users that may encounter similar situations, and us to improve our app itself.


  • Open file via keyboard
    A new feature enables you to quick search and open files using keyboard or the app menu. This provides a quick way to search and open the desired files in your current project. Go to view –> Quick open or hit the (“ctrl” + “ , “) keys to activate the panel. This shortcut is the default one, and the user can assign a custom combination using Keyboard shortcuts feature from Help menu.

  • Increased stability of execution when running Webtestit from the command-line.

  • Added snippet for PO initialisation which helps with the boilerplate PO code and increases the work-flow speed.


  • Expandable stack-trace:
    We introduced expandable stack trace in our reports that contain more detailed information about the failed tests and errors.

  • Jump to test-case from the stack-trace
    User is now able to jump to the test-case containing the error directly from the stack-trace. Test is opened in editor and the line containing the error is highlighted and focused. This makes the debugging and the testing process itself faster and more efficient!


  • Selocity extension
    The CSS selector sent via the extension is now returned in single quotes, so the user doesn’t have to escape double quotes in the code.

We improved the generated code for typescript, so protractor provides more useful information when a element is not found.

Fixed issues:

  • Jump to test-case on error is now possible

  • The CSS selector from the extension is now using single quotes

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

Debugging shall be improved