Release notes v0.14.0


New release of Webtestit is out!
Faster, more stable and looking better than ever! We introduced several new features and improvements listed below.
As always, the whole Webtestit team is looking forward to your feedback!


  • Removed license checking on project close (license check is now performed once, on application startup), which leads to faster between-project switching and better work-flow.


  • The auto-format JSON document feature is now available. Simply hit F1 - and pick Format Document or use the shortcut Alt + Shift + F to have your JSON document automatically formatted, just as all other code files.

  • Improved Find in files feature: Searching for certain items within your files is now even easier! We improved this feature by adding sorting options, search history and checkboxes and filter options to include/exclude file sub-types.

  • Jump to element – introduced the jump to element from code feature that enables you to quickly open the selected element in the element panel so you can modify it if needed.

  • No more dealing with restore templates process – we introduced an auto migration feature for projects that were created with earlier versions of Webtestit. User defined templates are backed up and stored automatically.

  • Several smaller UI improvements

Selocity extension:

  • Previously, Selocity did not allow to send custom selectors to Webtestit, that matched no or more than one element. You will now get the option to bypass this recommendation, and send the selector anyway.
  • This also fixes: “silent fail” in cases where selector has more than 1 match.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error on project creation with Windows User Account that contain spaces.
  • Fixed Typescript project creation error on first time run.

Known Issues:

  • For creating & running new typescript projects you currently need to have git installed.

  • When running the test on Safari endpoint on macOS, you may encounter an error which is caused by latest Apple SafariDriver changes.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

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