Release notes v0.18.0


Release notes 0.18.0

Another new release of Webtestit is out!
New features requested by our users are introduced, bunch of annoying bugs are fixed and are listed below, so be sure to check it out!

As always, the whole Webtestit team is looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Ide features:

  • Advanced configuration of local endpoints – We introduced the option to additionally configure local endpoints and add your custom desired capabilities from the execution panel allowing you to personalize your endpoint and test execution. This is super useful for instance if you want to configure your local endpoint to use a proxy.

  • Proxy server related settings – In order to use Webtestit behind a proxy server, you need to set the https_proxy environment variables on your machine. This step just got easier with the proxy server settings introduced in the setting.json document located in the project tree.
    Simply fill out the parameters for your proxy server and Webtestit will do the rest.
    You can open the settings file directly from within Webtestit through the main menu

  • Script execution control and status indicator – With this feature, you no longer have to wait until the script (which you know is missing something) fully executes. You have the possibility to stop script execution at any time, allowing you to add or remove items from your script and re-run it again with ease. Additionally you will notice a script status indicator in the status bar.

  • Element screenshot improvements – Observe created element screenshots in detail using the zoom option! Use the CTRL + mouse scroll to zoom in or zoom out the image. Also, the image source (additional data) comment above a selector declaration is now deleted when element is removed form the element panel so that you aren’t left with any remains of old elements.


  • Screenshot garbage collector – Sending all those elements to Webtestit from Ranorex Selocity extension could leave you with lot of image files in your project, and among them the ones that are no longer used or needed. So we introduced the Screenshot garbage collector that takes care of this work for you :wink:
    Webtestit scans your project for unused screenshots at project startup. You can enable or disable. This option from the webtestit.json config file and you can do the scan whenever you need it also from the menu: File --> check for unused screenshots.

    Toggle between light and dark theme - Webtestit just got better looking (again), as we introduced the light theme :slight_smile: You can switch the theme by hitting the Main menu --> Preferences --> Toggle theme.
    Here is a glimpse of a light theme, make sure to check it out yourself!

    Custom endpoint files - now here are some good news for users that need to run their tests on different browser configurations. With this feature you can create a custom set of endpoints and configure them as you please. This is particularly useful to create various run-configurations for CI environments, or if you’re working together with team mates on different OS (IE on Mac … likely not gonna happen :slight_smile: )
    Simply click on New endpoint file, locate it in the project tree and add your desired endpoints in the code panel, or customize them via the endpoints panel!

    Close / collapse elements in elements panel - Handling elements just got easier with this feature. You can now close open elements simply by clicking on the header! Also all your changes get synced/saved automatically with the code-view once you stop typing.

    Third party libraries in use - for more info regarding the libraries that Webtestit uses, we added the information and licence text in the about section. So if you are interested in more infos about used third party packages check it out from main menu --> about

Bug fixes:
We want to express our thanks to everybody reporting issues and making us aware of these little glitches. With our communities help we’ll make Webtestit better with every release.

  • Windows – fixed a bug where deleting a folder would not refresh the project tree properly
  • Fixed jump to definition and back to code, which caused the app to slow down
  • Fixed “gray screen issue” after opening a project created with earlier Webtestit versions that requires migration
  • No feedback if project root folder is deleted while project is opened – If you delete the project’s root folder outside Webtestit, you will get a warning dialog informing you about that the project has been removed.
  • Ranorex Selocity – after updating the selector sent from Webtestit in “edit mode”, the extension reverts the connection state to “normal mode”, so sending further selectors to Webtestit won’t replace the one that you selected for editing
  • Forgot password dialog - can now be confirmed by hitting enter (return) button & reseting password multiple times by hitting enter repeatedly won’t send you tons of mails anymore. We’ve also fixed error indicators on invalid entry or no Internet connection when reseting the password.
  • Jira integration - reporting an issue throws an error if some Јira fields (e.g reporter) is not available in Jira project. We’re now checking which fields are available and only forward those.
  • Linter Service - fixed linter not correctly indicating an error in some situations and added lint rules for async await in TypeScript projects.
  • Typescript demo project fixed TS Demo-Project showing errors on project load
  • File creation – fixed a bug where you were unable to create a PO file if the file with default name but different case letters is present.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

End points default settings shall be available globally
Jira cloud integration