Release notes v0.21.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!
We introduced several cool features, fixed a bunch of bugs and issues and of course made Ranorex Webtestit even more awesome :sunglasses:
Below you can find a list of new features and bug fixes that came with this release.
As always, the whole Ranorex Webtestit team is waiting for your feedback.


  • Download sample projects – As you may know, until now in order to use our sample projects, you needed to download them, extract them (while they were in the .zip format) and finally open them. This may have used some of your time, and honestly was a bit annoying.
    With this feature you now have the sample project downloaded and opened in just one click!

    After you choose your project type, it gets cloned into the destination folder and opened automatically, so you are ready to use it in a matter of seconds :wink:

    What’s more, since the samples are now Git repositories, you do not have to re-download them when they get updated: you can just pull the new changes directly. And if you’re feeling curious, you can browse through the samples’ commit history to see how the sample projects changed with Ranorex Webtestit.

  • Open remote project – Do you have a project hosted on Git repository? Good news, you are now able to open a new project directly from a remote Git server using an URL. Simply enter your repository URL, enter the credentials if needed and let the testing begin!

    The project will be cloned into your selected destination folder. If the repository you’ve cloned does not contain a webtestit.json file, you’ll see the following dialog:

  • Get started panel – We made sure for the Get started panel not to be unnoticed, so we added a highlight effect on it. Some of users may not notice that the panel is present and try to open it again from the help menu.
    Also the get started videos controls have been updated, so now you can double click to maximise and play or pause the video by using a single click.

  • Diagnostic mode – You will notice a fancy new animated icon in the status bar of Ranorex Webtestit if you run your test in diagnostic mode. With this you are always aware that the diagnostic mode run is active!

  • User settings – the user settings file is now watched by our file watcher. Until now the changes made outside Ranorex Webtestit while the application is opened were discarded and overwritten. Now all changes are recorded and immediately reflected via the file watcher.
    You can find out more about user settings in this article

  • Whitespace diffing in Git show changes – We introduced the possibility to enable or disable highlighting the whitespace when comparing changes in Git projects. The option is available from User settings (Main menu –> Preferences –> User settings)

Bug fixes:

  • Selector strategy update issue – Selector strategy type was not updated in the element panel when editing the selector using Ranorex Selocity, and sending it back to the application with different strategy selected

  • Ranorex Selocity – selector strategy isn’t updated in the playground, when clicking on edit selector with strategy different than the one selected in the playgrounds dropdown.
    Fixed “The extension allows sending the rxpath selector to the application” (rxpath is not supported) glitch.

  • Flash changed code - when changing or renaming the selector from the element panel the changes are now highlighted in the code

    In case you are not fond of this feature, you can disable it in the user settings.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – updated the keyboard shortcuts dialog as some keys weren’t presented with appropriate icons

  • Remote endpoints execution issues:
    Custom endpoint issue – fixed some issues with setting up and running tests on a custom endpoint
    Selenium grid – fixed the “cannot find capabilities” issue with Selenium grid remote endpoint
    Sauce labs – fixed the issue with Sauce labs remote endpoint execution failing

  • Diagnostic mode – app behaves strange and won’t let you run tests when execution is stopped form the status bar in diagnostic mode

  • User settings – changing some user settings using the application UI did not update the user settings file state

  • Fixed - adding a selector with 300 + or more characters length in the element panel interfered with the actual code making it look like part of the string

  • Element drag overlay – fixed the element drag to code overlay inconsistency

  • Disabled the Git options from code window when a global resource files are opened

  • Light theme – improved highlighting on hover in the keyboard shortcuts dialog

We tend to make Ranorex Webtestit as easy as possible to use, so once again we encourage our dear users to contribute by pointing out on possible improvements, bugs or features that could make life of every tester out there easier.

A big thanks for everybody reporting issues and making us aware of these little glitches.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

Cannot run tests with Selenium Grid
Cannot stop the diagnostic mode from stop execution menu item
Updated elements through diagnostic mode are not saved in PO
Help > Getstarted (dead link)
Diagnostic mode icon shall be used when test is executed with diagnostic mode