Release notes v0.22.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

We introduced some new features, fixed a lot of bugs and issues and fine-tuned Ranorex Webtestit that now runs smoother than ever. :slight_smile:

Check out our list of those new features and bug fixes included in this release.
As always, the whole Ranorex Webtestit team is waiting for your feedback.


  • CLI mode run ‘mismatching project version’ warning
    It may happen that you try to run a project in the CLI mode, created with an older version of Ranorex Webtestit. Or you’re trying to run a project made with a newer version of our application, while still using an older one. These cases may lead to some errors and issues. To avoid that, “older” projects need to migrate to the latest version, and of course, the application itself needs to be updated too.

    Until now, users had no indicator of a required project migration or application update in the CLI mode, which could lead to some strange errors. Now, every time a project’s and the application’s versions are different, you will get a warning.

    To migrate a project to the newest version of Ranorex Webtestit, simply open the project once.

  • Java - Data-driven sample project
    We introduced a brand new sample project which you can download from the home screen under the Samples category. This sample project demonstrates a simple login form test, using data-driven testing strategy. You can read more about it in this article

  • Keyboard shortcuts and Command bar
    As you know, our keyboard shortcuts feature allows you to make your own key combinations for various actions. With this release, we expanded the range of possible keyboard shortcuts, so now you are able to make shortcuts for global actions like Project settings, Toggle color theme or even the About dialog.

    Access the Keyboard shortcuts dialog from Help --> Keyboard shortcuts.

  • The Command bar is now globally available! Activate the command bar by hitting F1 on your keyboard from anywhere within the project. We strongly recommend you to use the command bar for two solid reasons: one is to speed up your workflow and cut the time-wasting search for the commands, and the other is the benefit of getting to know all the cool features that Ranorex Webtestit supports by exploring them from our command bar.

    If you want to integrate certain commands into your workflow even faster, all commands in the Command bar can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts, using the dialog mentioned above.
    Try it out yourself, in that way, you can get to know the application and all its neat features better. :wink:

Bug fixes:

  • Quick open file - fixed the issue where the quick-opened file was sometimes marked as edited

  • Find in files - fixed the issues of the search bar not focused if the Project panel was not selected (is not in foreground )

  • TS-Demoshop sample project - Fixed sample project not working on SauceLabs remote endpoint

  • UI fixes - fixed the following: “File was changed outside of Ranorex Webtestit” warning was sometimes cut off on small screen sizes; improved invalid combination tooltip style

  • Screenshot garbage collector - fixed the unresponsive dialog; added the scrollbar not present in the image cleanup dialog

  • User Settings - trying to save an invalid User Settings file now shows a warning dialog

  • Downloading samples - fixed wrong error message displayed if file location does not exist

  • Consistent naming - replaced all “Execute” with “Run” test commands for naming consistency; wordings in the endpoint panel have been unified

  • Project settings warning dialog - fixed the warning dialog on webtestit.json file deletion

  • Test run without an endpoint - it was possible to “Run tests” from the project tree’s context menu or from the code editor, even though no endpoint was selected. Now a dialog will be displayed, asking you if an endpoint (file) should be created for you.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

Endpoint shall be corrected as Endpoint in Custom endpoint tab name
User cannot use "IGNORE" and "REMOVE UNUSED" button if project have multiple unused screenshots
RanorexWT should have consistency on the terms used