Release notes v0.23.1


Another version of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

Alongside our last release, we noticed an unexpected issue that is now resolved with this release. :wink:

Here is what is fixed with the 0.23.1 release:

  • Mac OS - Fixed the bug of keyboard shortcuts not working from within the application (e.g. copy, cut, paste …).

Release notes for v0.23.0

Within this release, we introduced some new features, bug fixes, and made a few tweaks so that Ranorex Webtestit runs quite smoothly. :slight_smile:

Check out our list of features and bug fixes included in this release.

As always, the whole Ranorex Webtestit team is looking forward to your feedback!


  • Webtestit Discourse How-To topics included in application

    Occasionally, it can be quite a pickle to handle a project properly. As a user, having a how-to option is meaningful, whether you’re just getting started or you want to make sure you haven’t forgotten how to get things done.

    Within this release, we included the how-to topics from Ranorex Webtestit Discourse to F1 menu.
    You can fetch the content by simply inserting “how to…” in the F1 menu. Clicking on an entry should open the topic in an external browser.

  • The new default project location on Windows

    As for Windows users, we have some small refinements. The new default location for freshly created projects on Windows is \Users\ [user name]\Documents".

  • Jira/TestRail integrations update

    You can find Jira integration and TestRail integration under Preferences subcategory. By clicking on one of them the webtestit.json opens, and the contextual help is connected with the respective discourse article.

  • Get Started panel checkmarks

    Reasonably, the Get Started panel checkmarks will turn green once the precondition completes.
    Unlike the old behavior, where the boxes would get checked, whenever you catch a glimpse of a chapter (read through it).

  • IntelliJ, VSCode and Eclipse keysets support

    Wouldn’t it be great that as a user coming from a different IDE, you can use their keybindings, as you’re already used to them? Well, you’re about to like us, since that option is now available.

    In the Keyboard shortcuts dialog, the user can pick one of a set of default presets.
    On the change of the select box, or by clicking “Reset to default” all keybindings are reset to the selected default set.

  • New test file code comments

    As you already know, when creating a new Test file, useful best practice comments are automatically included so that you can quickly start creating your test case. With this release, those comments are updated, so make sure to check them out before starting. :slight_smile:


  • An additional capabilities section added for Sauce Labs endpoint

    Need some extra capabilities for your Sauce Labs endpoint? Not a problem - from now on, when SauceLabs gets selected in the Remote browser endpoints view, the user gets the same custom capabilities option as for Selenium Grid.

  • Settings moved to proper storage type

    We improved our User and Project settings, as some of the settings like Word Wrap that was Project-Settings based is now User Based.
    You can access the User or Project settings by hitting Main Menu --> Preferences.

  • Snippets and custom commands from Code context-menu placed in a dedicated section

    We re-designed the context menu! Custom commands from Code context-menu, such as Add Action in the Page Object Editor, or Instantiate Page Object in the Test File now appear at the bottom of the menu in a dedicated section.

  • Run test from the report view

    Either if you are fiddling around with a new test or an existing one is failing, chances are you’ll want to inspect in detail what went wrong.
    The user can now “Run test in Diagnostic Mode” from the report view, for failed tests.
    Previously, they were only available from the code editor, or when certain lines of code (within a test) are right-clicked.

Bug fixes:

  • UI fixes: Code-editor/Toolbar divider - fixed inconsistent divider thickness within the app

  • Screenshot folder excluded by default - There was no benefit seeing the actual screenshots in the default screenshot folder. It’s hidden by default and displayed if the user switches to show all folders.

  • New dependencies not detected - fixed the following: freshly installed dependencies can’t be automatically resolved (imported) in Java before restarting the project.

  • New test file button removed in the editor empty state - The purpose is to encourage the user to start the new project with a Page Object first.

  • Endpoint panel - fixed the following: the help indicator in Endpoint panel does not contain text.

  • Extension selector evaluator textbox - fixed the dev tools settings opening by writing the “?” within the textbox (since “?” is a shortcut for that, but not written inside a textbox).

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here