Release notes v0.9.0


This release introduces the improvement of existing, as well as several new features listed below.
As always, the whole Webtestit team is looking forward to your feedback.

Since the project templates have changed, please make sure to restore templates (File --> Restore templates) which will copy them over to your global user folder.


  • Updated menu bar
    New updated menu bar is available making the work-flow much more easier and intuitive

  • Get started panel
    Display the new get started panel from Help menu for easier guidance trough the app.

  • User- customizable keyboard shortcuts
    We introduced a new feature that allows user to create and custom shortcuts. The overview of all available shortcuts and a visual representation of a keyboard that shows selected shortcut is available.

  • “Don’t ask again” for save unsaved files on run
    New option to check the “Don’t ask again” so that dialog box does not appear every time changes to the files have been made, and the changes are saved automatically.


  • Error indicators in project tree
    There are error indicator present in the project tree level that indicate which files are having build issues. If a file has build issues, the folder in which file is located is also marked red.

  • Copy paste in project tree
    The user is now able to use the copy, paste and duplicate option from the context menu in the project tree for an easier work-flow with the files and folders.

  • Renaming file triggers rename refactoring (Java only)
    Renaming the Page Object file or Test files in a Java project will change the associated method names, class names, etc.

  • Introduced create PO / test files from empty panels
    Create a new PO or test file buttons are added on empty panels


  • Way more flexible PageObject generation/recognition

  • Custom usercode in templates
    User is able to add a custom code in the templates.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the latest version here

Known Issues

Java projects

  • Intellisense/Error squiggles may occur after building a project and navigating the code. After an edit of the file the squiggles disappear

IDE Features

  • Error indicator in the file tree marks empty folder with error, when moving or deleting a file with issues

Renaming PO and Tests do not refactor the associated code