Release notes v1.10.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

The year 2019 is the year when we officially started the magnificent journey with Ranorex Webtestit. We’re happy that you’ve joined too to support our tool! Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we featured many cool functionalities and updates to make a life of a hard-working web tester much easier.
We launched Ranorex Webtestit in July and then introduced many amazing things, and as the year may be coming to its end, to us, it all feels like the beginning.

We have a bunch of plans for the next year. Much of these plans are based on your feedback, which always gives us inspiration and ideas on how to further improve Ranorex Webtestit and your testing workflow.
Here are some hints because we don’t want to spoil a surprise :sunglasses:

One of the most important things during test execution is the ability to identify and fix bugs on the go. So, in one of our upcoming releases, we’ll allow you to break, stop, and investigate. :wink:
Also, you all know how important test reports are for the quality of your testing process. The upcoming feature will make it easy to view and organize all your reports in one place.
And that’s not all. There’s a lot more in Santa’s bag.
In the meantime, enjoy our latest release that brings the improvements listed below.
Happy testing and New Year!


TestRail Integration updates:
Managing your test case is an important part of the whole testing process, and our TestRail integration makes that task as easy as it goes. The workflow is simple - connect your TestRail account with Ranorex Webtestit, import the test cases, run the tests and export the results back to TestRail.
With this release, we improved our TestRail import feature with some additional cool options.

  • TestRail import dialog - We added the “Open in browser” icon right next to the Select project dropdown. Clicking on this button will open up your TestRail account and load your selected project’s Overview Panel. This way you can quickly jump to it and make some modifications if needed.
    Also, we appended the project ID contained in brackets at the end of the project name.

  • Test Case Location indicator - The Imported test case can be relocated to a test file of your choice. In the import dialog, test cases that are already imported are graded-out, logically meaning that they are already there. Now with this update, you have the possibility to see the exact location of the file where your test case is located so that you always know what are you working with :wink:


  • TestRail export dialog - After you have completed the test runs and are ready to export the results to your TestRail account the “Export to TestRail” feature takes care of that.
    We updated the export dialog with a more informative message containing the account name and the number of test suite/test cases/tests that have been uploaded to TestRail.

  • Reporting - Report expand/collapse states
    As you already know, Ranorex Webtestit reports can be expanded to view more detailed status of your test run’s which is especially useful when there is an error in your tests, or collapsed to keep things tidy and organized. With this feature, Ranorex Webtestit will remember the states of your expanded or collapsed test cases when you switch to another file or modify the report by adding a Jira or TestRail connection, making it easier to keep an overview in the reports with a large number of completed test runs.

Bug fixes:

  • Endpoints not properly loaded issue - In some edge cases, the project’s endpoints are not loaded and the project needs to be re-opened in order for the “old” endpoints to work correctly.
  • Status bar messages - Test result information and script execution status are shown together in one line, and with this fix, only one, test execution status message is removed on an active script run.
  • Modified file indication - Modifying a file outside Ranorex Webtestit (in cases when the modified file is the last opened file) does not show proper information about file being edited outside Ranorex Webtestit. The file is marked as modified, but the external changes are not shown properly - now fixed.
  • TestRail export dialog - If the connection to the existing TestRail project is disconnected, and the credentials are not entered when asked (clicking cancel in the credentials dialog), the export dialog hangs and can not be opened the next time user wants to open it. Also, the final issue that the project itself can not be closed with due to the “dialog still being opened” error.
  • LinuxOS’s find in files dialog - Fixed the alignment of the search results in Find in files dialog.
  • TestRail import dialog - increased the max-height for TestRail dialog for better representation of projects with a large number of test cases.
  • Java Project runs - Running tests immediately after opening java project sometimes result in a error. The issue is now fixed.

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the version here