Release notes v1.2.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

With the release v1.2.0, we introduced some new features, fixed a lot of annoying bugs and issues and fine-tuned Ranorex Webtestit that now runs smoother than ever. :slight_smile:

IDE Features:

  • Run last execution - Creating a good and stable test and maintaining them requires you to make adjustments and modifications to your Page Objects and selectors. After that, of course, you will have to run the test and see the outcome for yourself. Making small changes that require additional test runs can be annoying and time-consuming, and to make that process faster and easier we introduced this feature, allowing you to quickly repeat the exact last run you executed whether it was a single file, all test files or a single test to reproduce the same behavior. Access this feature from the Run menu or using the Ctrl+R → Ctrl+L (Mac: ⌘R→⌘L) keyboard shortcut.

  • CodeLens improvements - Our cool CodeLens feature lets you quickly run a single test, run a test in the diagnostic mode, or the whole test file from the code. Furthermore, it gives you an insight into the usage of the class or method that you are currently working on by showing where and how many they are referenced. With this release, the Show references feature is also supported in our TypeScript projects. And if this all has not yet convinced you to use this cool feature, you can always disable it via the menu: View→Toggle CodeLens :wink: (related topic-1269)

  • Toggle minimap – As you already know, our neat code editor comes with a minimap by default, so that you have a nice overview of your code and find your way around it quickly. But, if you prefer having more space in the code editor so that you can really focus on writing your test, or you are just annoyed by the code minimap and want it out of the way, this is the thing for you! With this feature implemented, you can easily toggle the code minimap in the code editor and show or hide it as you prefer. (related topic-241)

  • Preferences dialog improvements - Adjusting the settings has never been easier with our preferences dialog, and with this release, we made the preferences dialog even better with the following updates:

    • Password fields are now masked to protect your sensitive information (related topic-1236)
    • File system browser - Now you can simply browse and set your projects Page Object and Test folders - no more copy and pasting folder paths manually!

  • Copy relative and absolute file path- With this feature getting the paths of your desired file just got much easier! We implemented the copy relative and copy absolute file path feature to the context menu, so just right click or use the keyboard shortcuts and you have your file paths ready! (related topic-1263)

  • UI/UX improvements

    • Error dialog - increased height (related topic -1126)
    • Updated the application labels and wording for endpoint dialogs and report panel
    • Get started panels font size improvement
    • Release notes “show in browser” link style, emoticons and Get Selocity dialog improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • CodeLens -Running tests using the CodeLens feature always runs the same test file - issue fixed
  • Moving and deleting folders - unable to move or delete the last folder of the project’s folder hierarchy on Windows OS (related topic-1254)
  • Project creation error on Windows OS in a situation where some of the system variables are not located in the system path.
  • Ranorex Webtestit license agreement text - removed faulty German language version and fixed conversion to .txt issue (related topic-1257)
  • Release notes dialog - screenshot and gifs are now reduced to fit the dialog size without the need for scrolling (related topic-1261)
  • Demo shop sample projects - demo shop project now working on Internet Explorer (Java) and slow execution (TypeScript) fixed
  • Project creation errors due to the missing drive letter in the path and using the network path on Windows OS
  • MicrosoftWebDriver not getting closed after a test run on Microsoft Edge
  • Ranorex Selocity extension - elements get misaligned with vertical scrollbar present fixed (related topic-1295)

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the version here

Can not locate Code Lens Feature in Typescript project
User should be able to toggle on and off the minimap on the Code Window
Add option to take Relative File path/Absolute File path from files
Height of the message input box in crash report dialog shall be increased
Cannot delete the specific folder from any folder hierarchy
License agreement is not translated into Deutsch when Deutsch is selected from dropdown
Horizontal scrolling shall be removed and not required in release note dialog