Release notes v1.3.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!
We introduced some new features and improvements, and thanks to your valuable feedback, we fixed a lot of annoying bugs and fine-tuned Ranorex Webtestit that now runs smoother than ever. :slight_smile:

Check out our list of those new features and bug fixes included in this release.
As always, the whole Ranorex Webtestit team is waiting for your feedback.


  • Multiple editor Tabs
    Yes, you have read it right! The long anticipated and frequently requested feature of having multiple editor tabs opened is here!
    Have it your way by rearranging the panels and opening up a PageObject and a Test files side by side. This way, you no longer need to switch between a Page Object and a Test file, making your automated tests writing process easier and more efficient.

    Double-clicking on the desired file or tab makes them “stick” to the panel, and clicking on the “X” will, of course, close them. You can switch between all of your opened files with ease using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + TAB) and (CTRL + SHIFT + TAB).

    We also included a context menu for the tabs with standard close options, so that you can quickly clean up your workspace by closing all editor tabs, closing tabs to the right, etc. You can customize the keyboard combinations for jumping between the tabs using our keyboard shortcuts dialog.

    Make use of multiple tabs and improve your workflow with Ranorex Webtestit :slight_smile: Related topic - 126

  • Maximising the panel
    When it comes to the workspace arrangement, everyone has his own style. Moving the panels around and arranging the layout of Ranorex Webtestit is a known thing, and it is easily accomplished by dragging the selected panel to the desired position. As we always strive to make our tool better, we introduced the possibility to maximize the panel. Being able to maximize a panel, you can focus on a particular task like structuring your Page Objects, or writing code for the actual test. There is, of course, a clear benefit when working on a smaller monitor size.
    You will notice the maximize icon on the panels within the application, and maximize a certain panel, simply click the icon. Related topic - 1253

  • Parallel test execution with TypeScript/Protractor project
    The best way to accelerate automated tests is by executing tests in parallel. Parallel testing allows us to run multiple test cases on multiple combinations of operating systems and browsers at the same time.
    As you already know, you can execute parallel test runs in Java projects, and we introduced the parallel test execution with TypeScript/Protractor projects in a similar way. related topic - 1275
    This way, you can significantly reduce the test time and test your applications more efficiently. To learn more about how to set capabilities per endpoint to execute tests in parallel with Protractor in Ranorex Webtestit, check out this topic.

  • Editor zoom options to view menu
    Setting the zoom level of the code editor in Ranorex Webtestit is easy, and this option is available using the quick command (ctrl/cmd + shift + p) bar. With this feature implemented, it just got easier :slight_smile: You will have the convenience of zooming in or zooming out the code from the view menu and by using some standard keyboard shortcuts. You can now zoom in and out, with CTRL/CMD + + for zooming in and CTRL/CMD + - for zooming out and CTRL/CMD + 0 for Zoom reset. related topic-1277


  • XML language server update
    We upgraded our XML language server and we are now supporting DTD files and providing the XML autocomplete and syntax checker. This way, you will be warned about typos or incorrect XML declarations while, for example, modifying the testing.xml file.

    We’re still experiencing issues with the automatic download of the testng.dtd file which are described in this Github issue. As soon as they are resolved we’ll either push a bug fix release or, in best case, it should work out of the box.

  • SauceLabs Remote endpoint update
    Ranorex Webtestit enables you to run your automated tests on different local and remote endpoints. Speaking of remote endpoints, you may have heard of SauceLabs. Using our SauceLabs integration, you can run your tests on different operating systems and devices that SauceLabs service offers. Simply enter your account details, and you are ready to go! And if you haven’t used this feature before, you can create a free trial account and check out all the benefits of Remote test execution with SauceLabs by clicking the “start a free trial” link.

Bug fixes:

  • CodeLens - Fixed: CodeLens feature stayed disabled after a diagnostic mode test run
  • Show references dialog - Updated the references dialog background color
  • SauceLabs endpoints - Custom capabilities for SauceLabs endpoints were not properly passed through in TypeScript projects
  • Webtestit auto-updater - Old version binaries were left behind in the install directory after an automatic update of Ranorex Webtestit on Windows. They are now getting cleaned up properly.
  • Report and test status - A test that in some scenarios has build errors and where that test is not even executed, it would count as a success with “0 tests failed” status in the report.
  • Project creation path - Unable to create a project on Windows using lower case drive letters (for example c:\... instead of C:\...) in the project path.

We value your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how to make our app/software better please join the community and let us know. Also, if you’re enjoying the app, please spread the word. :slight_smile:

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the version here

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