Release notes v1.4.0


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

We’re proud to announce our latest release, which includes many new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes thanks to your valuable feedback.

Check out the complete list of all changes included in Ranorex Webtestit version 1.4.0:


  • New Page Object actions based on a subset of Selenese commands
    Creating sophisticated test cases just got so much easier!
    This feature, often requested by former Selenium IDE users, enables you to run your tests using actions based on Selenese - a set of specific Selenium commands. The new version of Ranorex Webtestit includes a subset of Selenese commands, structured in a meaningful way to help everyone familiar with Selenium to easily test various cases. To use new actions in Ranorex Webtestit, simply drag and drop the element or action in the code and choose the desired command from the list.
    For more information on how to use these actions in your workflow, please check our official User Guide.
    The complete list of actions is available here.

  • Test report - charts, filtering, and sorting
    The new Ranorex Webtestit release also brings super cool visual feature allowing you to view charts showing the number of failed/succeeded/skipped and total tests that ran in the report. The test reports also include filtering the test cases feature, allowing you to filter out and display the failed/succeeded/skipped by browser type, or platform and sort them by various date, duration, test suite, etc. Furthermore, there is the Expand/Collapse all test suites feature that makes the report overview even more comprehensible, so make sure to check it out!

  • Endpoints dialog – improved handling of local endpoints
    We introduced some updates to our endpoints dialog to facilitate working with local endpoints. Now, in the local endpoints dialog, the dropdown doesn’t show only the detected browsers anymore, but all supported browsers: Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
    Ranorex Webtestit automatically scans your system for installed browsers on app startup in the background. You can easily refresh the list of installed browser using the quick command bar “Detect installed browsers” command.

    If a browser is not available (installed) or not supported by the OS type, you will get a clear info message with a link containing all the instructions what about what needs to be done in order for the selected endpoint to work.

Known issue: Executing tests on the latest Opera release (v.62.0) is currently not possible, because the matching Selenium OperaDriver has not yet been released. We suggest downgrading your Opera browser for the time being. As soon as the new OperaDriver version is released, Ranorex Webtestit will download it automatically for you, no extra steps needed! More information here.

  • ChromeDriver and Chrome browser version mismatch dialog
    As you already know, in order to make the automation possible, the latest ChromeDriver versions require the appropriate version of Chrome browser. If the versions are not matching, the test execution wouldn’t start, and the test would fail with a version mismatch error that could be found in the log. With this feature, Ranorex Webtestit shows a proper error dialog, indicating that you need to update your Google Chrome browser to match the latest downloaded ChromeDriver. Related topic - 1268

  • Showing Page Object screenshot on Page Object view
    So far, there was an option to show the screenshot only in the Page Object panel, but we figured out that our users would benefit from having a screenshot in Page Object view as well.
    Hovering over the filename in the header will now display the screenshot of the current Page Object, as well as hovering over the Page Object name in every method return type.
    Additionally, the ‘jump to code’ icon will now be displayed, instead of being placed in the context menu.

  • Preference dialog – Save button, Changes Highlight and reset
    In previous versions of Ranorex Webtestit, when you opened the Settings menu, the Save button would be displayed, even though you did not make any changes to the settings. Since this was confusing for our users, they asked us to modify this.
    The Save button will only be enabled from now on if some changes are made to the settings.
    Furthermore, the fields and settings that got changed since your last save would be highlighted from now on, allowing you to reset/undo only those changes without the need to cancel the whole Preferences dialog.

    Editing some settings in the preferences dialog now shows the changed field and highlights them. In addition to that, there is the “Reset to last saved value” button which, as the name itself says, reverts the changes to the last known state. This way you can quickly revert some changes you made by accident so that your settings are always in place! Related topic - 1236

  • File delete warning dialog
    We updated our file deletion dialog with a more meaningful description about restoring the deleted file from your system. Related topic - 1338

  • Application closing dialog
    While making your tests it may happen that you accidentally hit the exit application command and end up with a beautiful view of your desktop. Of course, if you have some unsaved work, you would get a warning and a dialog informing you that there are unsaved changes in your project. With this feature, we implemented the confirm exit dialog also in the situations where there are no unsaved changes, to prevent you from exiting the application by accident. If you don’t want this dialog to pop up again, simply check the Don’t show me this message again checkbox.

  • Dragging an element into the code returns a String by default
    When dragging an element into the code to create a new action, and after that selecting “get text” or “get text by index” you’d now get the String, as a return value. However, we still left the option to use the tab-stops to change this or create an empty action first and then drag the text actions inside, for everyone preferring the old behavior. Related topic - 1064

  • SauceLabs remote endpoint improvements
    We updated our Sauce Labs remote endpoint and added the possibility so that you can choose between the US and EU servers to conduct your awesome automated tests as you prefer.

  • Quick Command bar – Reload the How-to articles list
    You already know that by activating the Quick Command bar, you can search for some best practice examples and how-to topics that are hosted on our official discourse forum.
    It may happen that, due the slow internet connection, for example, the list of our helpful how-to articles isn’t fetched, and you would end up in a situation where you can’t access them by searching from the command bar. As always, Ranorex Webtestit has your back, as we implemented the “Reload list of HOW TO articles” which solves this problem, by fetching a new list when activated, and if online fetching fails again, the latest cached list of How-tos is shown.

Bug fixes:

  • Custom capabilities don’t work with whitespace - We fixed the issue regarding the test throwing an error if a value in Custom capabilities contained whitespace in Windows OS. Related topic -1329

  • Close project while execution running causes a crash
    Fixed the application crash window appearing when force stop the execution from the dialog window when closing the project or exiting the app

  • Leave feedback dialog - multiple dialogs bug
    When spam clicking the leave feedback link or using the leave feedback shortcut multiple times in a short period of time, multiple dialogs are opened – fixed

  • Preferences dialog – password field
    When editing the password field in the preferences dialog, sometimes the “Path does not exist” message was shown

  • Preferences dialog – Jira settings getting discarded
    After entering the Jira settings, and switching to a disabled, for example, TestRails field, the entered settings are not preserved.

  • TypeScript Projects – methods with two or more parameters are now recognized matched correctly.

  • Screenshot image position calculation
    In a situation where the project tree tab is placed on the right side, the page object screenshot are not shown correctly

  • Error box isn’t displayed correctly in mobile endpoints tab - We moved the error message outside the scroll view so it has no scrollbar and no padding

We value your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how to make our app/software better please join the community and let us know.
Also, if you’re enjoying the app, please spread the word. :slight_smile:

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the version here.

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