Release notes v1.9.1


Another release of Ranorex Webtestit is out!

With this release, we fixed some issues with action steps and pre-generated snippets in Python projects, from the DO, IS and Element by index category of the Page Object Actions.

Furthermore, we fixed the issue where in case the project tree is scaled so that the scrollbar is present, the user was unable to scroll away from a file selected in the tree.

Release notes v1.9.0

We are proud to announce that a new version of Ranorex Webtestit is here! We introduced some new features, fixed a lot of bugs, and fine-tuned Ranorex Webtestit that now runs smoother than ever. :sunglasses:

Check out the list of new features and bug fixes included in this release! Special thanks to all our users who provided us with constructive feedback and contributed by reporting issues.
As always, the whole Ranorex Webtestit team is waiting for your questions and suggestions.


  • Page Object Actions - Creating user actions with Ranorex Webtestit is easy as 1-2-3. Drag the element into the code and assign an action to your element by selecting one from the list. Using our pre-defined action snippets enables you to easily automate large scale of scenarios that you can encounter, especially now with the implementation of two new actions to chose from:

    • Scroll to element - Allows users to scroll the specified element into the visible area of the browser window.
    • Scroll to element with offset - Scrolls to the target element and additionally by the number of pixels given as offset coordinates (x, y). Note that a negative value means either left (-x) or up (-y).

    If you are curious about learning more, hop over to our official user guide, where you can find a nice overview of all available Page Object actions


  • Context menu navigation - With this feature implemented, navigating trough context menu and selecting items has become much easier. By using up and down arrow keys on your keyboard move the selection by one item, or by using PageUp and PageDown jump to the end of the list. Of course, hitting the Enter key confirms your selection, and the Escape key will cancel it.
    Let’s take the instantiation of your Page Object file in the test as an example. You can use the context menu (right-click in the test code and select the appropriate option), but you can speed up the workflow by using the keyboard shortcuts (CTRL/CMD + I —> CTRL/CMD + P ), select your Page Object file from the list, hit Enter and you are all set, easy as that :wink:

  • Bounce/Highlight the app icon when sending Selectors - You know the drill: Connect Ranorex Selocity to Ranorex Webtestit, create a Page Object file, Inspect the elements and send your selectors to the app. Easy enough! Now with this feature integrated, after you send a selector from Ranorex Selocity extension to the application, you will get a nice bounce/highlight animation, which confirms that the action of sending selector to the app has been performed, so that you can proceed with the next steps.


  • Jira integration updates - As you already know, Ranorex Webtestit supports Jira integration, so that you can easily link your Jira account and create bugs directly from the test report.
    Creating a bug from the report will upload the results of your test run and link it to the issue created in your Jira account. We updated and improved this part by providing additional data and information, and now after you create a Jira bug following details will be provided:

    • Screenshot on test failure will be attached
    • Test Environment details included (OS, Browser, etc)
    • Included Test case File name along with the test name
    • Full error message with stack-trace available in the report is transferred into the Jira issue


    Furthermore, with this update, you can create/resolve issues directly from the Test file using our CodeLens feature. Happy testing! Related topic - 1307

Python with Unittest (Preview)
We introduced Python as our third supported programming language together with the Unittest framework. Please note that Python language support is currently in Preview mode, so if you encounter any issues please provide us with your feedback and opinions!

  • Fixed the issue of stack trace not being rendered in the report after a failed test case. Related topic - 1471
  • Fixed unable to create due the file name starts with underscore symbol
  • Ubuntu OS Python Projects - in some Ubuntu versions (version 19.x) for example, the python project creation fails due to the failed detection of required (python3-venv) dependancy.
  • Invalid comment type when Importing Testrail projects - fixed. Related topic - 1539
  • Also, the error of not detecting the non-server python installation like version 3.7.5rc1, etc. is now fixed!

Make sure to follow Ranorex Webtestit Medium publications for plenty of articles about awesome ways to automate your tests using Python. Take a look at our Getting started with Python and Python Data-driven test automation articles

Bug fixes:

  • Remote projects - Opening a remote project that has a URL ending with a “@“ sign raises malformed URL error - fixed.Related topic - 1504
  • Windows OS - renaming a non-empty folder sometimes causes the application to crash.
  • Fixed the issue of Ranorex Webtestit starting with blank panels and no content inside the application.
  • Java Projects - renaming page object files sometimes fails to rename the class names as well, especially when a file is opened in diff editor
  • Toolbar icons - after selecting an option accessed from the toolbar icons (for example the New File icon), creating consecutive files the same way after that requires the icon to be clicked two times.
  • Removed the “Run test in diagnostic mode” feature on the remote endpoints.
  • Report Panel - fixed report panel not being focused after switching from a report to code and back to report by clicking the report file again.
  • TestRail integration - not executed test runs (e.g. test that failed to run due to the compilation error) reported as successful are now reported as blocked in TestRail

Ranorex Selocity extension:

  • Fixed the issue of Ranorex Selocity not being able to connect to Ranorex Webtestit if the port 3000 is occupied or blocked. Now a new port will be negotiated. Related topic - 1482
  • Added the missing image in “connect to Webtestit” dialog.
  • The “Enter Page Object name” dialog (after making a screenshot of PO file) is not focused.
  • Fixed the issue of Ranorex Selocity unable to identify elements that contain special characters or symbols

You should receive the new version automatically via the auto-updater once you restart the app.
Alternatively, you can download the version here.