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Creating a Remote Endpoint using sauce lab service, running tests on that particular endpoint. I am able to get a successful run. However, my report tab does not show significant results nor does the run appear in the sauce lab account dashboard or test history. Hope below screen shots will bring more clarity to the situation I am facing.

Hoping I can be aided in this matter with a solution to try and fix this.


hello @maleeshpiyaratne!
I was unable to reproduce this situation. The test run should be recorded into your Sauce Labs dashboard and in the test history (which is still in beta phase) it may happen that the test is not listed there. Anyhow you should get a valid report in Ranorex Webtestit too. Can you please send me the report.xml file from that test run you have made screenshots off? You can send it to me at [email protected] .Please try to download and run java demo shop, or some other project, and let me know what happened.


Hi @smatijas
This happens when username/ AccessKey pair for Saucelabs is not working as expected.

It was possible to run the tests with my credentials without any issue.

It was not possible to run the same test with username/ AccessKey of @maleeshpiyaratne and @manoj.madusanka

Test report status icon in the left bottom shows as if tests were executed successfully. Button was green. But the report did not contain any meaningful information.

Hi @maleeshpiyaratne
Can you please share your credentials with @smatijas?


Username: %SECRET%
Access Key: %SECRET%

Below is the report contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



Hi @maleeshpiyaratne!
There is an authentication error with the credentials you provided. So clearly, this is the problem. Please make sure that you are using the right username, hence sometimes it may differ from the username you are using to log in to the Sauce Labs website.
Your username for the test execution is under the User settings tab in your Sauce Labs dashboard. What concerns me is that you got the Test run finished on the status bar even the credentials are off. If you please could re-check the username and access key and try one more time.
And for the XML file, could you send the whole report file, as it contains more info (right click --> open containing folder)


Hey @maleeshpiyaratne,

I’ve updated your post to hide the credentials as they shouldn’t be posted in public. In future I’d ask if you could provide those sensitive information by different means (mail, PM in discourse …) thanks for your understanding


Hey @smatijas,

I cross checked the credentials sent above with the credentials shown under User Settings > User Information (Screenshot sent via PM) I was unable to identify any error.

However, looking through this issue when authenticating to create a remote endpoint. System is accepting incorrect credentials as well. (Screenshot sent via PM)

As requested, I have retried execution though Sauce Labs Remote Endpoints:

Using my credentials running Java Demoshop. Below is the IDE view with Report displayed (XML Test Report has been emailed to @smatijas ):

Using @janesh 's credentials same project and same test script ( is run successfully. Here is the IDE View with Report displayed (XML Test Report has been emailed to @smatijas ):

Note: I ran this above test locally in three browsers before executing remotely.


Hi again @maleeshpiyaratne!
The Sauce Labs API allows fetching capabilities even with invalid credentials, so that is why the application is accepting them. For the other part, I noticed that newly created trial Sauce Lab accounts may cause this situation for some reason. Thank you for all the info, I will check with the team, and we will try to get at the bottom of it :slight_smile: