Renaming PO and Tests do not refactor the associated code



Renaming the Page Object file or Test files will not change the associated method names, return types , constructors, Class names etc.

Hence user has to change them manually.

This could be a tedious task when working with large code linked with many tests and page objects.

Appreciate if you can add automatic code refactoring built into the Webtestit.


Hi @janesh,

thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue which we are already working on.


Instead the file, you can now refactor the class itself. Go to the class definition, rightclick + rename and it should update in all files consuming the class. We don’t support file-rename -> class-refactor, as this model/workflow is specific to some Java IDEs whereas we’re supporting TypeScript as well, which does typically not follow these workflows.


Fixed with Release v0.9.0. Refactoring is now supported.

closed #5