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I am finding the report that is generated after a failure is not really helpful when debugging. When a test fails, can we have failed in line blah of the test? The screen shot is not really helpful at that point because it doesn’t show me exactly what failed. Also the reporting is non existent when there is a compile error. Lets say you forget a ; All that happens is compile attempts, you get test run fails and you go to report and there is absolutely no information whatsoever. I need some sort of “syntax error” in line blah. Developing extensive tests in this tool is not very easy with the lack of:

  1. Breakpoints
  2. Reporting
  3. Compile errors displayed

Release notes v1.6.0

hello @micheleaz
First of all, thank you again for your useful feedback, we rally appreciate the constructive suggestions of yours.

When a test fails, can we have failed in line blah of the test? If you open up a failed report, you should be able to see the stack trace and the exact line in the file where the error happened:
reportErrorDescription, or did you have something else in mind?
Regarding the breakpoints, as mentioned in this topic, currently there is no step by step execution feature in Ranorex Webtestit, but we have this in our long-term plans.
For the Compile errors displayed point - we already added a fix to the blank report creation in case of a compilation error, and expect it to be available with the next release.
Weh the compilation error occurs, you can check the log from the log panel, and the exact file and the lines where the compilation error happened will be shown, and you can go ahead and fix the issue.



Hi @smatijas
Hi… Definitely a bit more detail would be great. Found false but expected true boolean element would be useful. I didn’t realize the 27 above was the actual line number. My bad. Also, when there is a compile error instead of having “Couldn’t update test file” at the very bottom-- without me having to scroll up and hunt down the actual error-- could you possible reorder the output and have the compile error and line under at the very bottom of the output in the log window? It just would make it easier.


tnx @micheleaz for your feedback! We already have something in place to make reports and stack trace more visible after a failed test run. However, I will notify the team about your ideas and get back to you.