Restarting Webtestit shall be available



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Restarting Webtestit shall be available
In the current version user has to Quit and start Webtestit

Use case
As a user I would like to restart WT after installing the missing dependencies like node JS


Hi @janesh
As you pointed out the need for this feature not too long ago, we already have this in our backlog :slight_smile:


Hi @smatijas @vsoftic
Restarting feature was available in a previous release and not available in the current release v1.1.0. There is nothing related to this feature in the Release note.

Restarting WT feature is removed ?


You should see the restart option only when Ranorex Webtestit downloads a new version. Opening it the next time you won’t anymore see it. So that might be what you saw last time right?


Hello @janesh!

Like @vsoftic said, the restart option is available only when the automatic update takes place. So when the new version is downloaded, the restart option is available from the menu. We currently do not have the restart option on-demand as you have referred to in your Use case. Hope this explains why there was no update regarding this in the release notes. Kind regards


Hi @smatijas and @vsoftic
Thanks for the explanation. Initial use case is covered.