"Run all test files" run into errors


I have a project (Java) with 5 test classes and several test methods. All test classes executed separately are working fine. Trying to “Run all test files” results in an exception pointing to surefire plugin and the message “Couldn’t update test report”. But reporting for the single test-runs are all fine. I try to run all tests with Chrome als local endpoint.


Hello @HRA!
Have you edited the testng.xml file maybe?
Could you please try to download and run one of our Java sample projects, using the “Run all test files” button and see if the same error is present?
Kind regards


Found it. DTD URL was set to HTTPS in testng.xml…
All tests are running now.


ahh good to know, thx for digging in @HRA. With the next release we’re about to add proper support for DTD validations so that XML files with these get proper code completion. With regards to testng specifically, there seems to be an issue with their SSL certificate which we’re discussing in this Github issue. Once this is fixed we do hope that everything should run smooth and in worst case we’ll release another bug fix release with a workaround.