Running tests via command line and maven not working


I want to run my tests from the command line using maven but for some reason I am getting a “ Use JsonREader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 3.” When I click the “run tests” button in Webtestit, everything works perfectly. I am not sure why one works and one doesn’t. I have read solutions online about setting the json reader to lenient but I am not sure how that applies to webtestit.

Here is a picture of the cmd:

Here is the line where the failure happens in “”:

Feel free to ask me questions! I would love a solution or to be pointed in the right direction.


Hello @Abiel,
if you can give me a bit more info it would be helpful.
Which command are you exactly using to run the tests when you get the error? and also do you get the same error when you run the tests inside Webtestit or using Webtestit CLI?