Runnung a test without webtestit installed



in our evaluation of webtestit, we’d like to trigger the automated test on a CI system without having webtestit installed. Please let me know if and how this is possible.

I walked through this documentation and it says that webtestit needs to be installed:

Thank you


Hi there @roland.enzinger,

yes you can indeed run the tests without Webtestit although with certain limitations. I’ve answered this already previously in this topic. If that does not answer your questions or you need further info let us know.

Integrate Webtestit Project

Thank you @vsoftic for coming back to me so quickly! I understand that installing Webtestit also means that several dependencies are installed that are (somehow) required for the test run.
Just to make it absolutely clear: Does the test run (triggered by CI) consume a Webtestit license when I do it the suggested way?
Thank you!


The dependencies, e.g the webdrivers, are definitely handled and the paths to them provided by Webtestit. Thats true. In order to execute a CI run you’re not bound to having a license setup.


Mr. @vsoftic - thank you very much for your valuable responses!