Sauce Labs connection fails


I try to make a POC using Sauce Labs as remote endpoint for test execution. I have a valid trial account and can successfully login to Sauce Labs online platform.
When adding the credentials to the Webtestit endpoint configuration i get an error message “Connection test failed: Not authorized”. Could you please help?


Figured it out.
According to this: you need the Sauce Labs access key.
But current Webtestit UI asks for password:
When using the access key as “password” the connection works.
You should use accurate labels for the credential form. The UI in that page is outdated and needs an update.


oh right thats true. We’ve been unifying the credentials dialog to be re-used for all places asking for them like TestRail, Jira and of course Sauce Labs. Clearly we missed the point that sometimes it’s not a password but perhaps another type of key requested.

We’ll put this on our backlog, thanks for pointing that out.


This is now fixed with the latest version

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