Screenshot on failure shall have error info and user should be able to open the screenshot



Reporting against Webtestit version 1.1.0

Screenshot in REPORT on failure shall have error information whenever possible. User shall be able to investigate the error easily.

For example --> Element shall be encircled when executed and actual values are not matched.

Also user should be able to open the screenshot in IMAGE panel when it is double clicked for further investigation.


Hello again @janesh!
This is a perfect example for an upcoming feature - Applitools integration. If you are not familiar with it, its an AI powered end-to-end visual testing & monitoring tool, allowing you to visually compare and test web applications. So the not-matching element will be recognised and highlighted.
We have this feature planned for integration in some of upcoming releases, so if you miss any detail Ranorex Webtestit will have your back with this feature.
Thank you for the feedback.


Hi @smatijas
Thanks for the update on the interesting feature.
I have heard about the Applitools plugin and want to integrate it with

BTW Do we have a roadmap for Webtestit exposed to public/online ?


@janesh What exactly do you mean by roadmap for Webtestit exposed to public/online?
If you are referring to this feature, I can not tell you for sure, depends of many other factors and requests, but it is in the backlog. And, if you mean the software itself, it is public/online since version 1.0.0. :slight_smile:


Hi @smatijas
I just want to know the list of new features planned for Webtestit and the tentative timelines.


@janesh As I said, unfortunately, I can not tell you the expected timeline with certainty, as the priority of items and bugs differ alongside with some other factors, but we will keep it coming! :muscle: