Screenshot tooltip shall have enlarged view when mouse is moved over the eye icon



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Screenshot of the tooltip in Element window shall be enlarged and show full image when mouse is moved over the eye icon.


  1. Open a project with element screenshots (e.g Java-data driven sample project)
  2. Open a page object file
  3. Select ELEMENT panel
  4. Bring mouse over the eye icons

It would be better if the screenshot is fully visible to the user.



Hi @janesh!
Yes this could be taken in consideration :slight_smile: I will let the team know about it! Keep on the good work!


Hi @janesh,

by fully visible, I guess you mean to show it larger, or in full/original size right? Have you tried clicking on the “eye”-icon. I wonder whether that new view would satisfy your needs. Showing large UI changes on a hover is often stated as bad UX for the reason that it potentially clutters up too much space of your screen and besides that maybe is distracting if you just quickly want to zoom through multiple elements.

From your screenshots though I’m not sure but it looks like they get cut-off at the right border of the elements panel is that true? If that is the case then for sure we’d like to have them floating over other areas.
Maybe you could post a screenshot of your entire workspace setup with the panels and one eye hovered so we see that full scenario. Thanks in advance


Hi @vsoftic
Fully visibility of the original size is not required.

I would like to see the entire screenshot (scaled downed version). At the moment a part of the screenshot is not visible and it get cut-off at the right border.


ahh ok so the cutting-off was the issue. Thanks for the feedback


Fixed with the v0.25.0 version! Screenshots are now shown correctly accordingly to the element panels position :slight_smile:

closed #7