Selenium grid initWebDriver Error


I have set up selenium web server on a remote machine. It is successfully started. I also set up a hub and it successfully started. I added a new endpoint with Google Chrome. When I try to run, I am getting the initWebDriver error. Please see screen shots.


Hi @micheleaz,

when using Selenium Grid, the remote driver typically has to be configured to point to the /wd/hub endpoint. So the Grid-URL in your case would be This is the driver endpoint to be consumed.
Adding /grid/console instead at the end, you can view your selenium grid configuration in the browser. So try opening in your browser and you should see every configured node you have. That is essentially how we’re also parsing your available browsers (see desired capabilities dropdowns).

For general info about Selenium Grid please refer to the official Selenium wiki

We thought about automatically joining the wd/hub ending but decided against, because the contacted URL could map/forward calls to wd/hub instead and we’d counter those use cases. Good thing though is now that you’ve read about it, you’ll likely never forget about it anymore :wink: