Selenium grid node help


I have gotten selenium grid set up and have a few questions:

  1. On the endpoint screen (remote endpoint) when I give the grid URL and click Fetch Capabilities, Does that give all the capabilities of every node on the grid? Also, why is there always 2 operating systems for Win 10? There is always Windows and Win 10? I only have one node active at the moment.
  2. How can I get Edge to show up in that list?
  3. On the nodes, Do I have to set up Webtestit? Do I install the web drivers from the selenium web site?


hello @micheleaz!
If you want to set up a selenium grid with Ranorex Webtestit:

  • Start your Selenium Hub

  • Register your node

  • When you hit the fetch capabilities the browsers available on your node will be displayed. Under the Windows operating system, IE browsers should be located, and under the WINDOWS10 the rest (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) The reason that you have two operating systems displayed is that Internet Explorer, by default has a platform = WINDOWS while other browsers have WIN10 as a platform name. So only one node is registered.


Also, by default, IE, Google Chrome and FIrefox are enabled in the selenium grid, to enable Edge, follow the instructions provided here

  • You don’t have to set up Ranorex Webtestit on the remote machines (nodes), but you have to specify the chromeDriver path, like described in this post