Selocity timeout- creates hang in Webtestit



For the past two days while doing extensive work in Webtestit, I have noticed that the following has begun to happen: (version 1.5.1)

  1. Inspect element with Selocity.
  2. Click to send element link info to webtestit (they are supposed to be connected)
  3. Selocity appears to hang and eventually get message that send to Selocity failed because of time out.
  4. Try again the same thing happens.
  5. Disconnect Selocity and reconnect.
  6. Reconnect successful.
  7. Attempt to send element info again via Selocity.
  8. Fails. I try to save my work in Webtestit to restart webtestit.
  9. Save action in Webtestit fails. Have to end task on Webtestit and loose work.
    I can’t predict when this will happen so will either end up loosing work or literally saving after each line of code which is not optimal.


Hello @micheleaz
This is an interesting situation, as I could not reproduce it. There might be some problems with the project itself, or the ports.
Ranorex Selocity uses port 3000 by default, and some other app may be blocking the port, so Ranorex Selocity is unable to connect. Can you check the port 3000 usage and see if there are some other apps using it?
Another question, is the project that you are working on Git initialised? We had some users did multiple git init commands which lead to the application being slower than usual. And if possible, could you send us a sample project where this is happening just to try to reproduce the issue?


Hi @smatijas
There shouldn’t be anything blocking that specific port. Please be aware that this isn’t every single time that I send elements from selocity to webtestit. This only happens maybe 2-3 times out of 10.

The solution is GIT initialized, yes. However, I have not committed or pushed anything in a few weeks. So GIT should not be playing a part in what is happening.
I would be glad to send you my solution. Please let me know of where I can send it. I don’t want to post it in any open forum tho.


Hi @smatijas:
The biggest issue with this bug is after this set of circumstances happen, I can’t save my work in Webtestit because the Save and the Save all don’t function from the File menu. So I have to close without saving, which causes me to loose my work. This is a huge problem.


Hello @micheleaz! Thank you for the update. You can send your project on [email protected]
This is some weird behaviour together with not being able to save the work. We will definitely take a look on this issue, do a research on it, and get back to you.


Hi @smatijas
I zipped up the solution and sent it over. Let me know if you have any questions.