‘show whitespace changes’ option doesn't work


Reporting against Webtestit version 1.1.0

Always highlighting the whitespace when comparing changes in Git projects.
I have attached video for further reference to this feature.


Hello @manoj.madusanka!
Thank you for pointing out to this. We will take a look on this, and let you know the outcome.
Kind regards!


Hi @manoj.madusanka,

the feature you described is exactly as it should be. With whitespaces active you’ll see actual whitespaces (spaces, tabs, etc) whereas newlines are always shown regardless of the setting. It essentially behaves the same like VSCode.

I’ve attached a video to show the intended use case


HI @smatijas,

Thank you for the clarification. Sorry that I was not able to understand this feature. However, the image provided was not corresponding to the explanation in Release note version 0.21.0 where this feature is mentioned. Hope this information is useful and that you will be able to clarify for future users.

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