Stop and shutdown options shall be available



Reporting with Webtestit version 0.25.0

It would be better if user can

  1. Stop the test execution and see the reports of the executed test cases
  2. Shutdown the test execution immediately. User may not be able to see the results of the executed tests

As a user I may want to stop the test execution when I see test execution takes longer time and still I would like to see the result of the tests executed before stopping the test.

In the current implementation LOG does not contain sufficient information.

Also it would be better if your can set the log level to DEBUG and see more information.


Hello @janesh! Thank you for pointing out to this.
As you already know you can stop the test execution with “Stop execution” button from the status bar or from the execution panel.
So as a user you want to have a report generated for the tests that were executed before you hit the “Stop test execution” button?
Kind regards