Stop blocking use of Webtestit pending an update


Can you not do this please, thankfully I was able to download the update, but if you’re out and about and on a mobile connection, you may not be able to download the update, the only other option was to close Webtestit.

You should not block the application from being used, just because there’s an update available.


Could you please elaborate your problem with the updates a bit more?
While Ranorex Webtestit downloads updates, the tool can be used normally. The update will be installed on the next start of Ranorex Webtestit. When the update is happening, there is an update indicator that will inform you about the progress and that an update is happening.
If you for some reason (maybe limited connection, etc.) are not able to download the whole update, the process will just start again next time, and you will be able to use the tool without any restrictions, or have you had a different experience?
Kind regards!