Test execution problems on new Opera version (v.62.0)


Following the new release of Opera (version 62), you may find yourself in a situation where your tests won’t run in Ranorex Webtestit because of a version mismatch between the OperaDriver and Opera itself.

The reason for that is simple - the matching OperaDriver has not yet been released. As we are dependent on the OperaDriver to be released, before we can download it for your project, there is currently no quick fix for this.

As a workaround, the previous version of opera browser can be downloaded from here (version 61). Make sure to disable automatic updates.

If you can live without executing on Opera for a while, you can also just uncheck the local Opera endpoints in the Execution Panel, and re-enable them when the issue is fixed.

If you are curious about the OperaDriver release progress, you can follow the related issue on GitHub.

Release notes v1.4.0