Test Report : Horizontal scrollbar is available in the report view



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.25.0

Horizontal scrollbar is available in the REPORT panel even though sufficient space is available to display the details without horizontal scrolling.


@janesh Hello again!
What is interesting is the state of the report panel. The report itself is not expanded to the full available width even there is space on the right side , and the scrollbar appears. So I am curios hot did the report panel got in this state, and what happens on your end when you resize the report panel, or the application again? I will try to replicate this and keep you updated.
Kind regards!

Vertical scrolling in the report panel is difficult

Could not reproduce this in the recent versions


Thanks for coming back with the confirmation @janesh.
We actually did fix this a few versions ago. It was related to an issue where the available width of the report inside the report panel was calculated in a wrong way.

closed #5