Test report summary windows shall be improved



Reporting against Webtestit 0.20.0

Summary windows shall be improved by bringing the important statistics (Test suite, Test cases , Failed tests etc ) to the left and move start time and duration to the left



Hi @janesh
We will take this in consideration.
Tnx for your feedback :slight_smile:


HI @janesh,

is there a special reason why you want to have them on the left side? And in addition to that, is there any statistic-information that you miss on the report?


in addition to this, you can check out this article about adjusting the report templates


Aligning the date/time, duration and failure fields in the table below and summary columns could improve the usability.

I usually read from left to right and would like to see the important information first. (Usability.)


I think this makes sense, @martin_kranz you agree?


Since the test report got improved in additional steps we’ll close this one.

closed #8