Troubleshooting Jenkins and Webtestit


We are running a Jenkins instance that kicks off a PSexec which points to a bat file on the machine that we have webtestit installed on. We are getting an error and we are not sure what it means. Please be aware when we kick off the bat file from the machine directly we are getting good results-- we just can’t get this to work. Here is the error we get in the Jenkins console:
c:\deploytest\sep19.bat exited on Autoserv4 with error code 400.
Build step ‘Windows PowerShell’ marked build as failure

Any idea what error code 400 means?


Usually a 400 error code means a bad request. Could you provide us with an example of your Jenkins and PsExec command? I’m afraid I can not tell you much more about the error, if the bat command is working fine with Jenkins and Webtestit directly, maybe your PSExec settings need to be reviewed.


Hello @smatijas

This is the contents of the bat file on Autoserv4:
“C:\Users\AutoTestSA\AppData\Local\Programs\webtestit\Ranorex Webtestit.exe” run --report-file-destination=“C:\testresults” “C:\jenkins\workspace\SEP 2019”

And this is our Jenkins job on Autoserv3 which Autoserv4 is connected to as a slave:
C:\pstools\PsExec.exe -accepteula -u rstest\AutoTestSA -p Password123 -h \Autoserv4 “c:\deploytest\sep19.bat”


Hi @micheleaz!
Everything seems to be fine with your configuration, but most likely, there are are some issues with PSexec in combination with Jenkins that can occur in those situations . Please take a look at this stack overflow thread, where the user also encountered issues with PSexec. Maybe try Xcmd, or some other alternative.

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