Unable to open Webtestit after download on Mac Catalina-- 1.9.1


I recently downloaded the new 1.9.1 version of Webtestit on my Mac running Catalina. I got the error message that “this application needs to be updated… Apple is unable to scan application.” I had to go to Pricacy and Security in Settings and manually allow it in order for Webtestit to run on Catalina. Thanks.


Hello @micheleaz!
Well, that is the beauty of macOS :grinning: With the latest (Catalina) version, Apple introduced new security controls. For example, apps are now required to ask your permission before accessing parts of the drive where documents and personal files are kept. Even quick-time player, terminal and other applications that come with the system pre-installed need permissions. Aside from the permission requests, now every app that is not downloaded from the apple store gets an additional check, sometimes requiring the user to allow it manually from the security and privacy system menu. You can read more about that topic here.
I use macOS with Catalina myself and got the standard macOS “The app is downloaded from the internet” warning, but I haven’t had to allow it manually when installing the latest version. Maybe the reason is that I had Ranorex Webtestit installed before I upgraded to Catalina, so I need to take a look at that.
Main thing you were able to start the app, and if you stumble upon any issues or limitations regarding the normal usage and functionality of the app, please let us know, especially that you are coming from the Windows OS now.
Thank you for our feedback!


Hi @smatijas
I’m new user using MacOS Catalina. I got Install Driver Error when running demo project using Local endpoint

Error: [ERROR] Could not download WebDrivers :frowning:
Process exited with Error
at ProjectScaffold. (/Applications/Ranorex Webtestit.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/backend/project/base-scaffold.ts:106:29)
at Generator.throw ()
at rejected (/Applications/Ranorex Webtestit.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/app/backend/project/base-scaffold.js:6:65)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

I’ve updated Webtestid app privacy on macOS to allow Full Disk access.
any idea how to fix this?


Hi @gfadam!
As the error itself says, the issue is in downloading/installing the WebDrivers needed in order to run the project.
Could you try to update your NodeJS and npm version to the more recent ones and give it another shot?
Also, if you are behind a corporate proxy, or firewall, Ranorex Webtestit needs to be allowed to external sources for downloading the drivers, etc. (more about setting up Ranorex Webtestit behind a proxy here)


Hi @smatijas I am 99% on PC and was just exploring the app last night on my mac book pro. So… Just as an FYI… Assume we are still PC users.


Thanks everyone for the heads-up with Catalina. We’ll try to get a fresh new MacOS installed and recheck the requirements. Then we’ll update the install instructions accordingly.