Unable to startup Webtestit while internet connection is down



Reporting against Webtestit version 1.1.0

When user opens Webtestit without an active internet connection the user is unable to use the application as it gives out an error saying ‘Your license is either invalid or expired’. As the error should be ‘No internet connection’ or something similar. Please refer to screenshot attached.


It is noted that user has to re-login again when internet connection is re-established.

Can we have save password feature ?

Also it was noted that as if user is connected to the license server even when there is no internet connection.



Hi @Stefan_Pereira,

good catch. We’ll make sure to update the error message in case of no internet. It’s not 100% detectable but I guess we can hack something together :wink:

@janesh, that info for connection status is determined on a poll basis to not create unnecessary long-running connections. So the behavior as shown is intended and after a while the recheck will happen and send out a notice that the server is unavailable.