Update issue v1.5.0 to v1.5.1


Today I encountered some strange issue with Webtestit’s update mechanism (Windows 10). I closed Webtestit after a working session. Tryed to continue working on my project later but Webtestit doesnt start. After some checks I noticed that the installation folder was nearly empty. Seems that something (I assume the updater) erased most of all files. Only solution was to download Webtestit and install it from scratch. The deleted version was v1.5.0. After new installation I have 1.5.1.
That was an annoying experience…


Hello @HRA
Thank you for the information that you provided. After the auto-update service downloads the new version, Ranorex Webtestit needs to be restarted in order to complete the process. Could you please tell us, after you closed Ranorex Webtestit after your working session, have you noticed the update/ installation progress bar like one on the attached picture below:

Could it be, maybe, that the update/install process was canceled after you have closed Ranorex Webtestit somehow?
We will take a look at this and try to reproduce the issue that you have faced and see what can we do about it. We are sorry for the inconvenience!
Kind regards,


Hi @smatijas
There was no indication of an update process and no progress window/bar. Maybe it was displayed very quick on another monitor and I didnt see it. Therefore I have no idea how/what could have canceled the update. After closing Webtestit I continued working on my machine. I would have noticed that.
In the end nothing terrible happend. I just want to let you guys know about that.


Thanks for the update @HRA!
We will discuss this “issue” internally and see what can be done to avoid such situations in future.
Kind regards!


Hey @HRA,

so in theory I could imagine the following happened:

  • You’ve started Webtestit for your first session
  • The updater detected a new version and started downloading it in the background
  • Now you either quit Webtestit in a super bad moment before the install process started

The update process, when quitting the app removes the old files and prepares for copying over the new version. So on next start it will execute with the new version.

What I could think of how the process might get interrupted is:

  • E.g hibernating the Notebook/PC right after closing Webtestit
  • Closing the app hard (End task via task mgr)

Whatever it be though, we’ll try out a few combinations to see if we can reliably reproduce it as @sasatestit mentioned. It might not be a terrible issue but certainly unpleasant. Thanks for reporting


@vsoftic There is another situation this can happen (my signal client died that way): Windows Defenders new feature called Überwachter Ordnerzugriff. Cause Webtesit installs to the user documents folder, ransomeware detection may deliver an false positive.