Updated elements through diagnostic mode are not saved in PO



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.20.1

Element location ( XPath, CSS ) updated through diagnostic feature is not saved in page object file.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Sample Java Project
  2. Open a PO file and add a failure point Assert.fail();
  3. Run a test associated with the PO in diagnostic mode
  4. Connect to Webtestit from Ranorex Selocity
  5. Select an element from Element panel and click Edit with Ranorex Selocity button
  6. Go to the browser and select a different location strategy e.g CSS–> XPath
  7. Click Send Selector to Webtestit button
  8. Save the updated file

Following was noted
Item in the element panel was not updated
When the file is opened again changes were rolled backed


Hi @janesh
Good one, again!
Seems to be an issue with this, the selector gets updated in the code, but the strategy remains the same in the elements panel. We will put this in our backlog.
Thank you for you feedback!


Hi @janesh! Fixed with the new release the selector strategy gets updated now.

closed #4