User should be able to create a new page of with elements and screenshots automatically



Reporting with Ranorex WT 1.1.0

User shall be able to create new page objects with elements and associated element screenshots through Ranorex Selocity extension.

It would be better if Ranorex Selocity extension prompt the user to check elements from a list. The list of elements shall be filtered from the selected screenshot.

In the current implementation user can create a new page object with the page screenshot through Ranorex Selocity extension. It is possible to update the available element screenshots at once.


Hi again @janesh!
We are happy to inform you that we have more improvements regarding page object creation using the Ranorex Selocity extension planed and discussed. Your idea is in place, we have also considered this possibility for some future releases. More good things are on the way, so stay tuned :slight_smile: