Vertical scrolling in the report panel is difficult



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.25.0

Vertical scrolling in the REPORT panel is little difficult.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a sample Java project
  2. Select a test file and update an Assertion to simulate a failure
  3. Add all possible end pints including headless browsers
  4. Run all the tests and allow test execution to complete
  5. Check the REPORT panel
  6. Open the failed test cases to ensure vertical scrollbar is available
  7. Try to click on the vertical scrollbar

It was not difficult to scroll vertically in CODE, LOG windows.

Release notes v0.26.0

Hi @janesh!
Thank you for pointing out on this. There seems to be some small issue with the scrollbar not behaving as it should :slight_smile: We will take a look on this, and same for the previous post (Test Report : Horizontal scrollbar is available in the report view) you reported.
Thank you for your feedback again!


Resolved, the report panel was updated

closed #4