Webtestit 1.10.00 (python-based tests) - warning about the screenshot file extension - should be ".png"


the installation result contains this files used as some default setting to copy to actual virtual env


so it has this template for file name
filename = ‘reports/screenshots/{0}-{1}-{2}.jpg’.format(
os.environ.get(“RX_ENDPOINT_BROWSER”), name_hash)

over the course of actual test-run there is a warning about extension
warnings.warn("name used for saved screenshot does not match file "
“type. It should end with a .png extension”, UserWarning)

in two locations:

  • webdriver.py
  • webelement.py

workaround for your current test - apply changes to file in subfolder


Hi @dimaz
I will let the team know about your request, and we will take a look on this.
Thank you for the suggestions.