What data is sent for user tracking?


If you opt-in for Google Analytics you allow us to collect data on how you use Ranorex Webtestit. This data helps us to understand how you use our product. By doing so, we can better decide on the next features and UX improvements.

The storage duration starts from the last time data has been sent, which means either from the time of opt-out or not using the software at all.

What How long do we store Reason
Count of logins 26 months How often is Ranorex Webtestit used
Date of last login 26 months Does the user still use Webtestit
Date of the first login 26 months When did the user start using it
Time between open and close of Webtestit 26 months How long did the user use Ranorex Webtestit
Proxy usage (yes/no) 26 months Did the user run a proxy to connect to the internet
Performance Measurements 26 months How much time does the updater/project creation/logging-in process take
Number of files created 26 months How many PO/test files did the user create
Number of tests being executed 26 months How many tests are executed
Trial or license usage 26 months Is the user a trial user or a licensed user
Operating system 26 months What OS does the user need
Country 26 months In what country does the user work
Programming language of projects 26 months What programming language does the user use
Used endpoints 26 months Which endpoints the user works with (local/remote/browsers)
JIRA/TestRail integration 26 months Does the user make use of the JIRA or TestRail integration
Keyboard shortcuts 26 months Is the keyboard shortcuts settings dialog used and which shortcuts are used the most
Use of tutorials/help 26 months Does the user actually use tutorials (getting started panel, help forum, how-to-connect to selocity, release notes, license)
Number of opened reports 26 months How often a report is viewed by the user
Other IDE features 26 months Does the user use drag & drop of elements, jump-to-code, code actions, Selocity extension

Release notes v0.3.1
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