What would the code look like to click inside of a map divider layer?


I need to be able to mouse-click at a point inside of a map divider layer. It doesn’t have to be any specific point, just somewhere inside the visible part. I don’t know how to code that, though. Given the portion of the html below, is there any way for you to show me what the code might look like?


Hello @ohrnsk!
Could you perhaps give us a link to the webpage where you need to perform your action? Not sure what exactly you try to accomplish, better said what is the actual problem that you are facing? What is happening when you send the selector and perform a click action on it?


Unfortunately, I can’t send a link because it’s not a public site and contains customer data. In the attached image, which is an Esri basemap with our data layered on top of it, say I want to click on the pink square. Since the html code is just displaying the layer and doesn’t know anything about what’s in it, I need a way, I guess, to find the coordinates of the pink square and then click on those coordinates.



Well, yes this is a tricky scenario, using coordinates may result clicking on different positions due the responsive design of the page. One way is to set the window size (driver.set_window_size(x,y))
on the start of the test, and maybe try to use JavaScriptExecutor to perform some actions on the required coordinates.