Where to find Recycle Bin


I can’t seem to find the Recycle Bin. Every time I delete something it prompts a dialogue indicating I can always restore from the recycle bin, but I can’t seem to find where the recycle bin is located. I made sure to test with a non GIT vc’ed project to make sure that wasn’t the issue.

I CAN use the Recycle Bin in Windows and “restore” the deleted Page Object or element and it becomes available in the WebTestIt tree. Is THAT the recycle bin you’re referring to because I was expecting a Recycle Bin utility/feature in your UI.

Please advise, and thank you!



Hi @FCarpio

thanks for the feedback. The mentioned Recycle Bin is indeed related to the operating systems trash (RBin in Windows). Guess we should make that clearer with our message.

I wonder how you’d envision the “Recycle Bin” from within the app. Can you share a screenshot from another tool where you’ve seen that? I was just looking at VSCode/Eclipse and IntelliJ and couldn’t find such a feature to get a better idea of whats on your mind.


I notice that Webtestit is modeled almost exactly like V.S. Code. They do NOT have a recycle bin but as with any tree driven project panes I would have imagined it in either:

  1. As a parent node in the project explorer
  2. Possibly as an icon in the Project Explorer ribbon. (see below)



The reason why VSCode, and to my knowledge also other IDEs do not incorporate a custom trash implementation is that the cross OS glitches and handling external hard-drives are plain horrible from openly accessible APIs. E.g there is a long-standing issue on Github about the lack of proper “Put back” support for MacOS.

Nevertheless, now that we understand that you’re essentially thinking of a re-implemented trash for our app, we can take a closer look how that one could be doable. Meanwhile we’ll make sure to adapt the message shown in the dialog to point the user to the OS level native trash bin/recycle bin as the core message was about that we’re not ultimately deleting a file but just putting it to trash.

Thanks again for your input.

Release notes v1.4.0