Zoomin/zoomout and object selection recording is not handle when we are recording test cases



We downloaded the Ranorex trial version testing software, and we are checking which is suitable for our application testing. We are developing application using AutoCad/ZwCad platform. The problem we faced unable to handle the zoomin/zoomout operations and we can not locate the Cad Objects/Text. We need your support how to overcome the above problems.

Thank you,
Mohankumar T


Hello @mohankumar!
Can you please give us more details about the problems that you are facing and the details of the app? What are you referring to with "the zoomin/zoomout operations and we can not locate the Cad Objects/Text" Are you having issues with locators/selectors? If you could be so kind as to post a screenshot of your app and provide us with the steps you made before you have faced the issue, that would be very helpful. Recording test cases in the title of your help request alludes to me that you are maybe using Ranorex Studio? If this is the case, please check out the Ranorex Studio forum or contact Ranorex Studio support team.
Kind regards!

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